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Tyrus Talent Services is a boutique talent management group for digital content creators. Tyrus works with creators in the gaming and lifestyle verticals, providing creators with paid opportunities from free game codes to booking for live shows and paid partnerships around the globe. Tyrus also offers more integrated services such as social media management, platform management, video editing, and short form content editing. To put it simply, Tyrus supports creators businesses with expert knowledge and management of partnerships and activations with major brands.


Established in 2020, RixGG is one of the fastest growing Esports organizations in Europe. RixGG is currently focused on competitive gaming and merchandising, and is expanding into content creation. RixGG has been developing its commercial relationships, its overall brand and in-house marketing technology required to run a digitally based esports organization.


Shift is the leading independent news source for Rocket League esports. With an authentic connection to fans, players, and everyone in between, Shift’s goal is to ensure the conversation around Rocket League esports continues beyond the pitch through coverage and insight to roster transactions and general esport news.

Established in April 2020, Shift has seen steady growth since its inception and receives millions of monthly impressions via its social media platforms.

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